Flink is the leading Mexican neobank that envisioned introducing fractional U.S. investing to underserved Mexican retail investors as Flink’s feature offering to drive customer acquisition 和 engagement. Flink wanted to bring an engaging, first-of-its kind embedded investing experience to its customers. 现在,墨西哥的Flink用户可以在美国投资.S. 只有30比索的股票市场.



Determining key products that would differentiate Flink 和 drive rapid customer acquisition

作为2019年末的一家新银行, Flink 他坚信,将部分投资嵌入美国.S. 股票 market would be the centerpiece product offering to drive customer adoption of the Flink digital banking offering.

Many other digital banks offered lending products in an effort to capture market share, but Flink determined that enabling Mexican customers to invest any amount in the most beloved global br和s like Facebook, 苹果, 和 Tesla* directly from the Flink wallet would captivate local consumers, 他们中的大多数人以前从未投资过任何股票. 

当时, 墨西哥的经纪商只瞄准高净值个人, 墨西哥总共只有35万个经纪账户. 不到1%的墨西哥人在当地或美国投资.S. 股票.


将部分投资嵌入美国.S. 股票

Flink的首席执行官塞尔吉奥·吉梅内斯(Sergio Jiminez)认为,美国的部分收入来自美国.S. 投资是公司的一个关键区别, both from its neobank competition 和 from the traditional brokerage industry.

使用DriveWealth的api和经纪基础设施, Flink was able to integrate an investing experience seamlessly into their existing application.

Before the launch, Flink began publicizing their upcoming investing product. 在90天内, the company had a waitlist of 650K Mexican would-be investors; almost twice as many brokerage accounts as existed in the entire country at that time.



在发射的第一年, Flink成为了墨西哥领先的金融平台.600万用户,主要由嵌入式小额投资产品引领. The company is growing its user base by 38 percent per month 和 revenue by 31 percent per month, 据Sergio Jiménez报道, 首席执行官. This unique offering has allowed Flink to build a st和out br和 in the Mexican press 和 within its target market. Flink目前是墨西哥最大的零售经纪服务公司. 

2021年2月, Flink raised a $12M Series A round from Silicon Valley VC Accel 和 in August 2021 raised an additional $57M in Series B funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. 这家初创公司计划将新资金用于产品开发, 员工数量和在拉丁美洲的扩张.

TechCrunch — Accel backs Mexican startup Flink’s effort to bring consumer investing to Latin American

“Flink came to the market to bring about a change in the financial system, as it is the first company in Mexico that gives everyone the possibility of buying fractional shares from 30 pesos 和 commission-free, 以发展新一代股票市场为使命. 以这种方式, our consumers have better possibilities to do more with their money to build their financial future”
塞尔吉奥•希门尼斯 Flink首席执行官和联合创始人


DriveWealth’s flexible APIs enabled Flink to build a truly embedded investing product 和 onboard new customers seamlessly through their existing experience.
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