MotivHealth is a health insurance company focusing on 保险公司-based insurance plans. 现在, it’s offering its customers the ability to invest their 保险公司 balance, 就在他们的保险仪表盘里.

How MotivHealth uses DriveWealth to power its all-in-one health insurance dashboard


存在的问题: Offering an embedded investing experience for 保险公司s

MotivHealth 希望为客户提供全面的健康解决方案. 戴夫•霍尔 "动机健康"的首席执行官, had always seen the 保险公司 as more of a health benefit than a bank account, 和 wanted customers to be able to access all of their health benefits in one place. 

The MotivHealth team had trouble finding a provider who could offer a complete solution without adding another login 和 another portal for their clients. They also needed to partner with a registered investment 顾问 (RIA) who could offer investment advice to their customers, 因为他们自己不想维护一个完整的RIA.



MotivHealth团队意识到这一点, 简单的, 以及来自DriveWealth的大量API, they could get this product out the door 和 achieve the all in one solution faster than they had anticipated. 

motivationhealth需要两个伙伴来充分实现他们的愿景. 一旦他们连接到Drive保险公司, DriveWealth的一个部门专注于保险公司垂直, the team quickly put them in touch with a local RIA consultant that already focuses on the benefits 和 retirement space.



在DriveWealth和ABG咨询公司的帮助下, motivationhealth只用了72天就把仪表盘启动了. 

截至2021年3月, 60 percent of MotivHealth’s customers have an 保险公司 investment account; 和 the average account balance is $10K.

Healthy Magazine — Employer 保险公司 Contributions Benefit Everyone
“The average American couple will need $390,000 to cover their medical expenses in retirement. 保险公司s are a great way to engage people to help lower overall healthcare costs while preparing for future medical expenses.”
戴夫•霍尔 MotivHealth首席执行官


Our experienced team can help you create your own innovative 保险公司 investing experience.

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Health Savings Accounts (保险公司s) are tax-advantaged savings accounts that allow participants 和 employers to contribute pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses. Only participants enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan are able to contribute to an 保险公司. Balances in an 保险公司 can be rolled over from year to year to pay for future health care expenses, 许多保险公司s允许将余额投资于证券. 保险公司s有三重税收优惠:(1)税前贡献, (二)免税利息和投资收益, 符合条件的医疗费用免税支付.

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