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Our mission
全球网赌十大网站希望让世界上任何人都能掌控自己的财务未来. 每个移动设备都应该是访问投资和储蓄产品的门户, services, advice and assistance for global citizens of all ages, wealth stages and levels of financial expertise.
Our vision of the future
全球网赌十大网站相信,未来的金融是移动的、交易的和零碎的. 全球网赌十大网站致力于提供最现代化的经纪基础设施, deep industry expertise and a culture of continued evolution. Together, DriveWealth和全球网赌十大网站的合作伙伴正在为世界各地的新投资者提供进入市场的途径.

DriveWealth is the pioneer leading the way

全球网赌十大网站的合作品牌发明了新的和创造性的方法来使用全球网赌十大网站的技术, resulting in increased engagement, loyalty, and stickiness from their customers.

全球网赌十大网站有一个现代化的、高容量的、从头开始建设的交易平台. 全球网赌十大网站的合作品牌可以利用DriveWealth的云技术, right off the shelf, to integrate seamlessly into their existing mobile apps, with limited setup and no additional tech investment.

全球网赌十大网站的技术解决方案使用api来帮助全球网赌十大网站的合作伙伴以新的方式为客户提供进入市场的途径,并提供满足他们现在和未来需求的投资解决方案. 全球网赌十大网站经验丰富的技术团队和经纪专家指导合作伙伴进行产品设计, back-end integration and product launch, 并帮助他们驾驭监管和合规的复杂性.


Our team of experts helps our partners design award-winning, cutting-edge investing experiences, 而全球网赌十大网站的基础设施使合作伙伴能够快速和轻松地向他们的客户推出无障碍体验.
在客户上传他们的数字文档后,客户的账户可以在几秒钟内被批准, ownership type and personal identification information.
DriveWealth支持合作伙伴和客户的多个账户融资选项.  合作伙伴可以利用全球网赌十大网站的净现金结算API,客户可以通过电汇或ACH发送资金.
拥有数字钱包的合作伙伴可以让他们的客户通过有限目的保证金账户进行即时交易, based on the cash balance in that digital wallet.
DriveWealth was recognized in BuiltIn's 2022 Best Paying Companies in NYC & Best Midsize Companies to Work For
CB Insights
DriveWealth was included in the 2021 CB Insights Fintech 250
DriveWealth was the winner of Benzinga’s Best API of 2020

API stands for application program interface. An API specifies how software components should interact. 全球网赌十大网站的api允许全球网赌十大网站的合作伙伴建立连接到全球网赌十大网站的经纪业务平台的应用程序.
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